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Remember when Neo says, “I know kung fu” after plugging into the Matrix? Science fiction, right? Wrong. Brain Hackers like Dr. Divya Chander are mapping brains, implanting new experiences, and radically redefining what we call reality in 2021.

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The Show

Think TED Talks meets the federal space. Real insights, real discoveries that breathe life and inspiration into the GovCon market. Ideas from the outside applied to GovCon to drive change. Methods and approaches that any business professional can use to get better at what they do. And breakthroughs come from the strangest places. From Nascar and Netflix to nootropics and neuroscience, we'll explore the best ways to think, lead, create, and perform but with a twist. This PODCAST invites the world's experts to take a crack at GovCon problems. To break down what they know into something you should. That’s GovCon DIFFERENT.



Eric Prostejovsky

Executive Producer & Host


Cliff Sundstrom

Executive Producer


WHAT I DO: Orals coaching, presentation development, solution facilitation, and video production. But what I really do is help teams and individuals to develop and communicate meaningful messages that drive change.

HOW: It all boils down to converting complex unwieldy technology and policy issues into gut grabbing messages that stick.

WHY: I love it. The job is very tough as GovCon can be a tech policy jungle with powerful personalities and dizzying details that can overwhelm the uninitiated. But that’s the fun part. Landing on the job, figuring out the real crux and sensing how to engage and connect with different personalities and
aptitudes to develop meaningful messages is rewarding. And an emphasis on meaningful, not happy talk. Meaningful solutions that can help executives, architects, and government leaders drive change.

WHAT I DO: Producing and directing video stories.  But what I really do is express client visions using a variety of production tools to make an emotional and psychological point with the audience. It's more than just images and music, you’ve got to deliver stories that hit viewers in the gut and intellect. I orchestrate all the elements to make it happen.

HOW: By tapping into personal experience. There’s an energy on set and if you don’t get it right, the story won’t connect. I help professionals connect to their own experiences to fuel real conversations that achieve results you can feel.

WHY: Video production is the closest thing to skydiving that pays well. There’s a lot of adrenaline on set and I thrive on it. I also thrive on working in GovCon as the storytelling I do is groundbreaking here. And that means there’s a lot of opportunity to make a difference.

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