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Differentiation in the federal space is brutally difficult. Everyone is selling modernization–Cloud, DevSecOps, Agile–and everyone sounds the same.


WHY are YOU not standing out?


Because you need to sell more than JUST technology and process. Government customers are wrestling with deeply rooted challenges—culture, collaboration, communication—that impede adoption of tech-centric offerings. Communicating your capability to solve these problems is the path to differentiation.



We partner with you to shape customer perceptions early in the acquisition process. Our presentations and videos–unique mission stories and humanized solutions–reach and persuade contract officers, program managers, and mission stakeholders well before RFP release. Our solutions offer a competitive advantage that delivers results.

Torn Paper good 03.png

Results   |   2021 Consulting Wins

$617M      PARSONS  |  Remote Sensing Center, CEOIS


$953M      PARSONS  |  United States Air Force, ABAD


$100M      OCTO METRIC  |  US Citizenship and Immigration Services, PLANXS

Check out how we use real characters, real challenges, and real emotions to differentiate your firm:

Business development, capture, and marketing campaigns that crystalize value propositions and differentiate your organization.


| Business Development

  • Message Development

  • Presentation Development

  • Video White Papers

  • Mission Documentaries

| Capture

| Marketing

  • Message Development

  • Orals Coaching

  • Video White Papers

  • Video Technical Proposals

  • Branding/Rebranding

  • Recruiting Campaigns

  • Social Media Campaigns

  • Live Events

Torn Paper good 03.png
Torn Paper good 03.png


| CIA Tradecraft

We use frameworks developed by CIA Presidential Briefers to convert thousands of hours of engineering analysis into razor sharp messages. This is a value generating process—interviews, facilitation, intelligence collection and prioritized communication constructs—that presses to get to the heart of the matter.

| Hollywood Storytelling

Story development includes assessing mission needs, technology impact, and creative approaches to engage and convince customers. After the script and creative style is nailed down, we then use directing techniques to tap untapped energy. Energy—fueled by the speaker’s personal experience—that transforms introverted and stiff speakers into compelling forces that people feel, believe, and buy into.

| Trust & Rapport

Our ability to relate and connect with a wide variety of personality types begins the process. And these relationships bloom as technologists recognize—questions, comments, analysis—that we also share mission expertise and a deep understanding of technology. This is the only way to partner with engineering talent to produce incisive content. Content beyond the reach of typical marketing agencies and communication departments.

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