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About Us 

Torn Paper good 03.png
Torn Paper good 03.png

There’s a way of doing business in GovCon. It’s sacred, solemn, and grounded in deep tradition.

We don’t follow it.
DIFFERENT was created to drive change in the federal space. We’re not here to hand out awards that celebrate the status quo. We’re here to elicit and foster mission stories that spread across government agencies like wildfire. The mission matters to us and if we're honest, in many cases America is falling behind. It’s going to take a DIFFERENT approach to compete in the 21st century.


Torn Paper good 03.png

DIFFERENT comes naturally for us. We started out producing stories other firms wouldn’t touch. In 2013, The Children’s Eternal Rainforest asked us to produce a fundraising video for free. Many questioned whether we could handle a project of this size and complexity, yet after months of calling in favors and coordinating remote teams, we produced a gut grabbing story that boosted fundraising for this amazing preserve of wilderness. The early GovCon DIFFERENT days were a wild ride bouncing from corporate gigs to pro bono shoots for food banks and struggling communities.  


We are guided by a spirit of adventure, bold thinking, tenacity, and a burning passion to support the mission. If you're skeptical, ask Cliff about our powder skiing wilderness adventure slogging through snow falling at 4 inches per hour. Or ask Eric about being in the field with the Army’s 504th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade.


Since our DIFFERENT beginnings, we’ve tackled hundreds of engagements, managed major film sets, and enabled GovCon firms to win billions in new business. But throughout the journey, our dedication to storytelling has remained the same. It takes courage to challenge dated approaches, but we don’t hesitate to provide candid counsel and grind in the trenches to produce unique value propositions that our clients are proud of.


We’re on a mission to drive change and change is measured by mission impact. We’d love to partner with you if you're willing to think DIFFERENT.


Torn Paper good 03.png
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