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PMC Services

BD/sales tool examining the full suite of PMC service offerings and supporting process and software suites with examples of impact on a recent project in Oregon.

Demystifying Modernization

BD/sales tool examining Maximus PMC's core differentiator- "HOW Maximus PMC approaches their work demystifies the modernization process for state CWIL clients."


Lives > Paperwork

Entice new recruits by illustrating the human impact employees make everyday at Maximus PMC while humanizing the team.

Lives > Paperwork

Trusted to do the Impossible

Driven by Human Impact

Trusted Advisors


Break the ice prior to conferences. Communicate on a human to human level by empathizing with customer frustrations and demonstrating the expertise and experience required to solve those frustrations.


Create a community of engagement by humanizing Maximus PMC and demonstrating the unique expertise and experience required to solve customer problems. Funnel quality leads by offering free value give aways (in the form of thought leadership/insights). Drive desired actions with direct calls to action.

Landing Pages

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Social Media

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Shape and influence customer thinking earlier in the acquisition process by developing a messaging framework and multimedia library for Maximus PMC to leverage throughout BD, sales, capture, and marketing efforts.


  1.  Convert qualified leads to in person meetings

  2.  Increase return on investment of attending industry conferences

  3.  Increase client engagement and PWIN


  1.   Define exact customer needs and emotional/psychological frustrations

  2.   Differentiate Maximus PMC by illustrating ability to solve exact customer need/frustrations 

  3.   Humanize Maximus PMC by empathizing with customer frustrations and communicating as          individuals to individuals instead of a corporate entity to a generic customer


Video Content

  • 1 (5 min) Differentiator

  • 1 (5 min) Services Overview

  • 5 (2-3 min) Leadership Bios

  • 22 (1-3 min) Social Media Shorts

  • 4 (1-3 min) Recruiting

9 Direct Emails

1 Editorial Interview

Social Media:

  • 4 LinkedIn Ads

  • 6 LinkedIn Conversation Ads

  • 2 LinkedIn Employee Headers

  • 13 LinkedIn Organic Posts

  • 2 Twitter Ads

  • 13 Twitter Organic Posts

2 Landing Pages

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