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Overwhelmed by the monumental undertaking of modernization?

Frustrated by it's complexities?


It takes a trusted advisor to succeed.

Meet Todd and Pat at the NCCSD Conference.


Former Child Support Director & CTO

As a former Child Support Director I have been promised technology that would solve my problems only to be disappointed. It took me years to learn the rights questions to ask that get to the crux of what programs really need. Would love to share some of the with you at NCCSD.

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Senior VP, Program Modernization Consulting

So often I see program directors frustrated because they get technology that doesn't meet program needs. Over 34 years I've helped dozens of states successfully modernize by moving beyond just technology to deliver exactly what is needed for the program. Let's talk at NCCSD and I'll tell you how.

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Strategy Call

Your opportunity to ask all your questions.

Have you asked yourself:

  • I just became project director, what have I gotten myself into?

  • How do I get my tech vendor to give me what I asked for?

  • How do I get stakeholders to stop arguing over solutions and begin collaborating?

  • How do I manage political disputes?

  • What process improvements will make the most impact given my budget?

  • How do I ensure requirements will improve my program but also meet federal regulations?

  • My new technology platform didn't improve the staff or user experience, can anything be done?

Ask your questions during a free strategy call.

Available to all NCCSD Conference attendees through June.

Modernization Resources

Finding Hidden Opportunities

During every tech implementation are opportunities to improve ancillary systems that support program staff and improve end user experiences.

The Value of a Trusted Advisor

Find an expert and ally that can guide and support you at every turn. A trusted advisor can help you avoid common pitfalls that lead to modernization failure and provide reality checks when you're not sure if you've made the correct decisions.

Bridging Divides

Translating program needs into technical requirements is a difficult task if you don't have expertise in both worlds. Demonstrating the benefits of program centric thinking is an important first step in bridging the divide.

Former Project Director Insights

Former project directors share their journeys of tackling the three largest problems that prevent modernization success.

Replatforming Opportunities

Many states miss opportunities to receive tangible benefits during system replatforming projects. This white paper examines where the opportunities are found.

Maximus Services


Unemployment and workforce support

The past three years have forever changed the way employment support is delivered — from the way states process UI claims, to the way employers find workers, to the way job seekers approach work. Today, agencies are laying out a new vision to support job seekers and employers, utilizing funding from a variety of sources including SNAP, TANF, and WIOA. As government’s go-to partner for changing the status quo, we’re uniquely equipped to turn ideas into reality.


Digital government services

By putting the consumer at the core of government interactions, we help agencies deliver a personalized all-of-government experience that achieves greater program efficiencies and contributes to deeper trust of state government. Our solutions apply a people-first approach to understand what drives consumers' needs and pain points, to ultimately help them achieve their goals.


Workforce support for government

Due to workers retiring and difficulty attracting talent, many state and local agencies have fewer people than before the pandemic. So they augment their workforces by shifting routine, administrative duties to Maximus — enabling their workers to focus more on helping people. Others turn to us for specialized talent — including in technology and healthcare — to fill skill gaps. The benefit of this flexible, “blended workforce” is that Maximus can screen, hire, train, scale, and redeploy employees in response to government’s changing needs.


Medicaid unwinding

After a three-year pause, states are resuming the recertification of Medicaid and CHIP eligibility for over 91 million people nationwide. Helping millions of Medicaid ineligible individuals find and enroll in affordable health coverage is critical to ensuring they retain access to healthcare. We have the experience to help states navigate the process from start to finish.

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Which phase of modernization are you in?

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